Welcome to Hugo Almeida repository!

Hi! Iā€™m Hugo Almeida and this my github repository, here for you to see and follow my study projects, templates for other projects, and my notes and tips, soon for a blog where I will share my knowledge and new ones as you get and breaking your head lol


I am a fullstack developer, learning in new technologies or stack, good social relationship, ease of communication, dynamic spirit, proactive, teamwork. Skills in customer relationship, analysis and survey of requirements for development.


This my skills. The skills in bold are those that I have a greater command of development and understanding on how to use it, being agile in implementation, with quality and safety.

# Frontend

JavaScript, ES6, AngularJS 1.x, 2, Vue.js, Vuex, ReactJS

# Backend

Java, RestEasy Jboss, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, VRaptor, Maven, Wildfly, Jboss, Tomcat, Python, Django, VirtualEnv, Ruby, Sinatra, .NET, C#, WebApi2, Node, Express, Mongoose.

# Database

ā€“ Relational Mysql, Postgresql, SQLServer, Oracle, ā€“ No Relational (NoSQL) Mongo.

# Devops

Heroku, Amazon, Private Server, Docker, Vagrant